Powerful Advanced Scheduling with stratustime

Set staffing levels.
Adjust work shifts.
Breathe easier.

When we asked what you needed to take your time and attendance system to the next level, the message was loud and clear. Provide advanced features that make scheduling employees easier and more efficient.
So we did.

Introducing the Stratustime Advanced Scheduling Module.

  • Easily create and customize shifts and capacities
  • View employee availability – in real time
  • Receive daily and weekly overtime notifications
  • Automatically notify employees of a new or modified schedule
  • Set overtime notifications to help you comply with new regulations

Let’s dive in.

Advanced Scheduling Features Help You:

  • Set capacity requirements for each shift
  • View and schedule a complete work week
  • See real-time worker availability

Powerful Scheduling Tools Provide:

  • Daily and weekly overtime warnings
  • Alerts about scheduling conflicts
  • Notifications for changes in availability and eligibility

Empower Your Team and Improve Communication:

  • Employees set their availability from their dashboard
  • Your team receives notifications for new and modified schedules
  • Employees can respond to message notifications

Need More Flexibility?

  • Apply advanced overtime rules for scheduling consecutive days, holidays, and more
  • Provide an “availability/unavailability” setting at the clock and kiosk
  • Show blackout days

Ready to see Advanced Scheduling in action?