10 Ways Time & Attendance Software Can Enhance Your Manufacturing Business

10 Ways Time & Attendance Software Can Enhance Your Manufacturing Business

Automation and flexibility can be crucial when it comes to maintaining a successful workflow within a Manufacturing environment. Cloud-based time and attendance software can offer many benefits to the manufacturing world.

In an effort to help you realize these benefits, here are 10 reasons advanced time and attendance software can enhance your Manufacturing business:

  1. All time punches can be securely captured, right down to the second. Hence, your employees can be paid based on time records with this level of detail.
  2. Time punch records update in real-time and are viewable in the Manager Dashboard. This provides department heads and line managers with complete access to employee schedules and current information on absences or breaks at any given time.
  3. Through the mobility feature, managers can set up remote employees to be able to clock in and out, check their timesheets, and request time off through their mobile phone.
  4. Geofencing, another mobility feature that can be utilized through the mobile software, gives managers the ability to authorize time punching from specific offsite location(s) for employees who need to work remotely.
  5. With an Employee Dashboard, employees have the ability to schedule PTO and view time off accruals. In addition, they can see if and when other team members have requested time off and adjust their schedules accordingly.
  6. A Visual Scheduler allows managers to easily drag and drop employee shifts in order to create a highly-visible work schedule that automatically takes time off requests and payroll policies into account.
  7. You can prevent buddy punching with a biometric feature on employee time clocks.
  8. The time and attendance software can fully integrate with your payroll system so there’s no manual work needed to review and verify – which can save you time and money.
  9. Easy-to-read pie charts and bar graphs can help managers gain insights into labor analytics, such as Scheduled vs. Actual Hours Worked or Amount of Overtime Worked.
  10. Complete 360-degree transparency.

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