Offline Time Clock Punching for Remote Workers: Introducing the Kiosk App


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Remote locations create unique challenges for employers who want to fairly and accurately clock-in and clock-out employees working in the field. Traditionally, companies have leased bulky time clock equipment with high set-up and monthly fees. However, with advances in technology, more and more construction firms are moving toward a kiosk solution. 


What is a Time & Attendance Kiosk?

“Kiosks” are single point-of-entry systems that allow multiple employees or contractors to clock-in or clock-out from one place. A “kiosk” can be created on any type of device—an iPad or cell phone, for example—owned by a manager or foreman. In practice, a kiosk is actually an application, downloaded from an app store, and purchased through a vendor.  When set up as a kiosk, the system can only be used as a time clock—until the owner of the device enters a passcode and restores it.


Kiosks are particularly handy in industries that rely upon blue-collar or seasonal labor, when employees may not own their own mobile devices.


From a kiosk, managers can clock-in or clock-out a group of employees one at a time—or all at once. Kiosks also have self-service options so that employees can punch themselves in with a PIN number. There are even kiosks with advanced features that clock employee punches through optical or fingerprint recognition.


Off-Line Remote Time Clock Punching Through a Kiosk App

Stationary kiosks (like the traditional time card punching machine), where multiple employees can clock-in or clock-out, count on a network connection or wi-fi to register punches. Job sites in rural areas, or at construction sites, may not be able to rely on these to transfer data. 


With the introduction of the kiosk app, however, businesses can clock employees in and out through an iPad or iPhone—even when they’re offline. The software registers a punch using the system’s native time functionality, and then attendance data is transmitted when the device connects at a later point in time.



stratustime Offers Inexpensive Remote Time Card Punching for iOS


The stratustime kiosk app is now available for download in the Apple Store.  Download the app, then contact our experts for configuration and pricing options.


Find More About the stratustime Kiosk App


Advanced Options with Remote Time Card Punching


When considering options for a remote time tracking solution, consider what additional features you need, and ask about configuration.  Some systems may be too simple for your needs, while others too complex (and therefore too expensive.) 


Best-of-breed time tracking systems can track time against multiple jobs, clients, or functions.  They can match employees with equipment and different pay scales.  You can also allow for breaks, sick time, or paid time off.  A kiosk app can even help with scheduling—allowing employees to enter their availability, and for managers to select which employees they want for a particular job or shift.

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