Top 5 Ways to Multitask with a Cloud-Based Time and Attendance System

Top 5 Ways to Multitask with a Cloud-Based Time and Attendance System

If you use an advanced, cloud-based time and attendance software platform –– with integration to your HR software and payroll software –– here are the top 5 ways to multitask and make the most out of your day:

Generate schedules quickly and efficiently

A visual scheduler makes it easy to create schedules and allow for breaks and meals in compliance with labor management.

Ensure sufficient staffing of workforce

Easy-to-read pie charts help you analyze labor data to identify patterns and predict operational needs.

Increase employee engagement

A self-service dashboard lets employees clock in/out, check time off accruals, and request PTO.

Accurately monitor the time and location of remote employees

mobile time and attendance system lets remote employees clock in/out in real time, and a geolocation feature lets supervisors confirm that employees are clocking in from authorized locations.

Use the custom fields to alert you of open items

Custom fields can be easily configured to alert you of any open item for an employee, even if it’s not time tracking-related. For example: medical check-ups, expiring licenses, and training dates.

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