Raising Employee Engagement with Time and Attendance Software

Raising Employee Engagement with Time and Attendance Software

Whenever the weather gets hot, an employee’s will to work starts to melt. This affects the whole morale of an office and there are soft costs to managing an unproductive workforce.

An advanced time and attendance software raises employee engagement by providing tools to manage time in –– and away from –– the office.Employee time tracking is not just for managers. Here’s how a cloud based time and attendance system helps all personnel:

First and foremost, your people want a secure timesheet that logs their pay rates, so Payroll gives them an accurate paycheck. If there is a discrepancy between what they were expecting and what they received, a transparent chain of approvals and/or changes is recorded.

After money, the next thing on their minds is time off. PTO is a negotiated perk in their salary package. They are entitled to holidays and other forms of paid leave, and they want to monitor those hours down to the last second.

Sometimes mobility is an issue for them. If your employees have smartphones, they want the flexibility to clock in/out –– in real time. A mobile time and attendance software lets them conduct business from approved locations.

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