Stress-Free Payroll Integration

Stress-Free Payroll Integration

We took a commuter bus the other day. At a midway point, we transferred right onto a waiting light rail train. We were at the airport in under an hour –– relaxed from no traffic stress. This happy state of mind was the result of two transportation systems working seamlessly together.

Guess what?

You have that same opportunity using time and attendance software with payroll. In technology, “integration” happens when one application is built with the features of other applications in mind. So when you bring applications together, data seamlessly transfers in between.

But some supervisors still give employees paper timesheets and time card systems to record hours. Without fail, the payroll manager has to first find the employee(s) to correct missing information –– before they can even submit payroll. Does this sound like a “no stress trip” to you?

A cloud based time and attendance software solution integrates with most major types of payroll software. With the click of a button, hours and pay rates are automatically exported into the payroll software. It’s a win-win for employees and employers: Paychecks are accurate and the payment of payroll taxes are accurate.

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