What Employee Analytics Won't Tell You

What Employee Analytics Won’t Tell You

Many businesses are reaping the benefits from employee data analytics. Metrics are often what motivate and drive companies to target and pursue new audiences, products, and services.

The list can go on and on depending on what metric you’re looking at. The point is – business strategy is ultimately geared towards forecasting industry analysis and performance. What many businesses are beginning to focus on in addition to performance is employee analytics.

If you could predict an employee’s performance over time to help increase productivity, why would you limit your forecasting analysis to external trends or internal financial results?

The answer is, you wouldn’t. Any business owner, executive or employee highly involved with analyzing data – you want your company to maximize its performance levels in every single area of the organization.

Objections to be Aware of Regarding Employee Analytics

Though analytics can work well to predict trends and some types of performance, what employee metrics don’t elaborate on or give insight into include the following variables:

• Morale

• Loyalty

• Focus

• Stress levels

• Ability to overcome past performance objections

Often performance evaluations are performed by a team member who works closely with the employee being reviewed. This can create biased results. And with all of the algorithms emerging from data sets, it’s been noted that metrics can be biased against certain traits and discriminate unfairly.

Below are two criteria to consider during the performance evaluation process:

1. Threshold competency

a. Does the person meet all of the criteria to be considered for a job, promotion, etc.?

2. Distinguishing Competency

a. What have people actually experienced working with that person?

With these additional steps, you can evaluate your employee’s performance fairly.

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