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Self-Service Tools

From utilizing the cloud to a kiosk, your company can benefit from our suite of offerings.

biometric nettime solutions

netone® cloud-based clock

Gain up-to-date, touchscreen technology for your time tracking.

How our hands-on cloud clock helps:

  • Employees can review hours, check schedules, request time off and check accrual balances at the clock
  • Accountability via biometric fingerprint reader; multiple badge options such as magnetic stripe, bar code and proximity as well as touchscreen entry
  • Bilingual interface (English & Spanish)
phone nettime solutions

mobile interface

With smartphones, employees can access time entry when out and about.

How our mobile interface helps:

  • Reduce unnecessary travel or unorganized systems to clock in and out when away from the office
  • Available in English (US/UK), Dutch, Spanish, French (Canada), Chinese (Simplified)
  • Works with iOS, Android or Blackberry—without needing to install an app
  • Geofencing and geolocation capabilities
kiosk nettime solutions

web kiosk

Our web kiosk handles time and attendance at lightning speed. Currently only available in English.

How our web kiosk helps:

  • Affordable price
  • Adapts easily to any browser
  • No extra hardware, software, or employee training required
  • Employees can efficiently clock in or out within 2 seconds!
dashboard nettime solutions

employee dashboard

Simplify time tracking with our browser-accessible, cloud-based employee dashboard.

How our employee dashboard helps:

  • Clocking in and out
  • Transferring between departments
  • Checking hours, schedules, and accrual balances
  • Available in English (US/UK), Dutch, Spanish, French (Canada), Chinese (Simplified)
telephony nettime solutions

telephony / IVR

Use the trusty technology of landline and cellular phones to manage employee time.

How telephony/IVR helps:

  • Remotely and easily clock in and out, transfer labor hours, submit time sheets, check benefit accruals balances, and review hours worked
  • Simple technology requires zero training
  • Bilingual technology (English & Spanish)
  • Restrict access based on caller ID
nettime solutions employee self-service
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