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Progressing and succeeding in business is all about being agile and anticipating the next best move, before everyone else does. Sometimes the best way to gain ground and see into the future is to look to the past. Enter analytics. Having data and being able to effectively analyze it is crucial for creating an agile and cutting-edge business. We know that using analytics to plan allows for more efficient staffing and allocations of funds, as well as streamlined operations, but how do we get the data in our hands?

When it comes to time and attendance, stratustime is the answer. Providing you with points tracking, forecasting, accruals, as well as other modules, stratustime allows you to quickly gain insight while moving on to more mission-critical work. Not only does this cloud-based software provide you with analytics in an appealing and intuitive approach, it also alerts you. This creates an opportunity for you to be presented with the right data at the right time – before money and productivity are lost. There’s a saying you’ll hear around our office comparing time and money to toothpaste, “Once you squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube, it’s nearly impossible to get it back in.”

Create parameters to fit your needs and have analytics at your fingertips. Be notified when:

  • An employee is nearing overtime,
  • an employee is absent, misses a punch, comes in early, skips a meal,
  • an employee’s certification is nearing expiration,
  • and nearly any other customizable scenario you require.

Having this data readily available allows you to be anticipatory. Being able to provide analytical support for a decision makes the initiative that much stronger; it makes it an informed decision.

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