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stratustime is a flexible time & attendance solution that’s ideal for growing small and mid-sized businesses.  Our reliable software is backed by a $3 billion-dollar Fortune 1000 company, which means stable support and timely updates.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"As a time & attendance management tool, stratustime has been very, very effective for us. Fifty people speaking 15 different languages were trained in a single 15-minute session. I would give stratustime a 10 across the board."

- Ed Kushins, HomeExchange.com

"stratustime gives us flexibility as we manage our employees. It has really simplified our payroll process."

- Tom Hauber, University of Pennsylvania

Focus on Compliance

What is Wage and Hour Compliance?

Wage and hour compliance is a growing concern for small and mid-sized businesses. Discover how automated time tracking and reporting can help.

Ask the Time & Attendance Software Experts

Our sales team is dedicated to giving owners, managers, and HR professionals more time to spend with their businesses and people—and less time with paperwork. We’ll help you choose the time and attendance features that are right for you.

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