Hours logged through multiple devices
Data secured in the cloud by our best-of-breed software
Time & attendance data automatically transmitted to your payroll service


stratustime plays nice with hundreds of devices, payroll systems, and HR platforms.

Empower off-site workers to log in remotely on mobile devices that can track their location. Speed your service employees to the retail floor with point-of-sale system clock-ins. Or keep it simple with an old-school, single point-of-entry PC or web kiosk.

Once it’s captured employee hours, stratustime automatically outputs to dozens of payroll systems and HR platforms, keeping manual data entry to a minimum and your HR team in front of people instead of computers.

stratustime gives you time

stratustime plays nice with
  • Abra Payroll
  • ADP Payroll
  • Ascentis Payroll
  • Brands Payroll
  • CBS/Intuit Payroll
  • Ceridian Payroll
  • Ceridian TIM Payroll
  • CertiPay Payroll
  • CityPay Payroll
  • Compupay Payroll
  • Cort Payroll
  • CSI Temp Pay Payroll
  • CSI Temp Rate Benefit
  • Cyberpay – Flexpay Payroll
  • Darwin Payroll
  • Datis Payroll
  • Dominion Payroll
  • EBS Payroll
  • Evolution Payroll (USA Payroll)
  • Execupay Payroll
  • Fundware Payroll
  • Galaxy StratusTime Punch Integration
  • Generic Payroll
  • Genesys Payroll
  • Gevity Payroll
  • Great Plains Payroll
  • Hewitt Time Payroll
  • HRPyramid Payroll
  • HTE Payroll
  • ManGrove Payroll
  • Millennium Payroll
  • Munis Payroll
  • Optimum Solutions Payroll
  • Paychex Preview
  • Paycor Payroll
  • Payroll Associates
  • PDS VistaHRMS
  • PeachTree Payroll
  • Pensoft ASCII Payroll
  • Pensoft XML Payroll
  • Pentamation Payroll
  • Prime Pay Payroll
  • ProBusinessPFL Payroll
  • Quickbooks Payroll
  • Sage Payroll
  • Scholl Payroll (Time Netrix)
  • SCS Payroll
  • SLS Payroll
  • SpectrumHR Payroll
  • Summit Payroll
  • SurePayroll
  • Time Card Payroll (Employee Services)
  • Topps Payroll
  • Ultipro Payroll
  • Ultipro w/ Labor Levels
  • Unicorn/Geneva Payroll (PBC)
  • Workday


stratustime grows as you grow. You’ll pay a reasonable, one-time fee for integration into your current devices and systems, and low-cost monthly payments based on the number of employees in your company and the software features you choose. When your business expands, our software has all the bells and whistles a large company needs.

Low Monthly Cost

Monthly fees for basic features start at $4 per month, per employee.

No Long-Term Contracts

Our software is regularly updated. We plan to stick around, and know you will too.

Grows as You Grow

Advanced features are available as your business needs become more complex.

Ask the Time & Attendance Software Experts

Our sales team is dedicated to giving owners, managers, and HR professionals more time to spend with their businesses and people—and less time with paperwork. We’ll help you choose the time and attendance features that are right for you.

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