stratustime is designed to grow as your company grows. Start with a simple software solution that requires little or no training. Add on advanced features as your business grows and your labor scheduling needs become more complex.

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Clock-In or Clock-Out from Anywhere

Employee clock-in and clock-out should be as easy as possible to prevent missed punches—and excuses. stratustime plays nice with dozens of devices, so that employees can clock-in via mobile devices, a PC or web kiosk, your point-of-sale system, or by calling in. stratustime also integrates with dedicated hardware solutions—like our netone cloud clock.

Intuitive Hour Tracking and Schedule Views

Workplaces without an easy way to track hours and view schedules can quickly become chaotic. Our intuitive dashboard makes it easy for both managers and employees to monitor hours, check PTO accruals, request days off, report sick time, and see schedules from any device at any time of the day.

Simple Time Card Tracking and Approval

Managers get stressed about employee time & attendance too. Having an easy-to-access and simple-to-understand system for approving time cards is a must-have feature for any growing business.

Employee Scheduling

Ever tried to schedule multiple employees for multiple shifts—and include lunches and breaks—with a pen and paper? If you have, you’ll understand just how useful visual scheduling capabilities can be, stratustime allows you to see daily, weekly, and monthly employee calendars all on one screen.

Save Time & Money with Advanced Features

  • Enterprise Reporting

    As businesses grow it becomes more and more important to keep a close eye on labor costs. The enterprise reporting module allows you to: understand seasonal and yearly staffing trends; monitor, manage, and prevent overtime; compare scheduled vs. reported hours; and track employee time infractions and exceptions.

  • Time Forecasting

    Manually calculating future hours is a frustrating headache for administrative staff. Our time forecasting module helps you pay employees current by predicting hours during the current pay period, then reconciling those hours for the next paycheck. Time forecasting is easy to configure, considers overtime, and safely exports to ensure accurate payments.

  • Compensatory Time

    If you’re a public U.S. company or a private Canadian firm, you might find yourself needing to track compensatory time. Our software can help you keep accurate records to comply with relevant requirements. With stratustime you can automatically reassign hours, set comp time pay rates & factors, and bank hours by employee, manager, admin, or a combination of roles.

  • ACA Compliance

    Ensuring that you’re keeping in line with Affordable Care Act rules and regulations is a concern for businesses of all sizes. The stratustime ACA module helps you by assisting with the management of employee classes, customizing measurement periods, and setting alerts as employees approach thresholds.

  • Advanced Scheduling

    Staffing for busy periods, off-hours, holidays, or slow times can give managers a headache. Advanced scheduling allows you to create and customize shifts and hourly staffing needs, develop templates for the most common weekly schedules, and view employee availability in real time—based on their own reporting of when they’re available. With the module you can also receive instant notifications when employee hours approach overtime.

  • Alerts

    Managers need to know that their employees are where they’re supposed to be, when they’re supposed to be there. Our alerts module sends them notifications via their mobile device, letting them know that shifts are covered.

  • Points Tracking

    Keeping employees honest through points tracking—and rewarding those who are—can help you foster an equitable workplace. Our points tracking module allows you to set your own point tracking rules, monitor points according to the baselines you’ve established, and export data to Microsoft Office.

  • Geofencing

    Managers and employees aren’t always in the same place at the same time, making it difficult to ensure accurate attendance. Construction crews often visit sites where the only electronic device on hand is a mobile phone. Geofencing allows employees to clock in or out from remote locations, and for managers to map the precise location of the punch.

Hot Topic: Shift Swapping

Shift Swapping Best Practices

Shift-swapping is a common practice for many retail and restaurant employees. Since shifts fall at any time of the day, week, or year, employees frequently need to find a co-worker to cover their time. There are many reasons for shift swapping, including personal or family matters, illness, or unforeseen conflicts.

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Our sales team is dedicated to giving owners, managers, and HR professionals more time to spend with their businesses and people—and less time with paperwork. We’ll help you choose the time and attendance features that are right for you.

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