Allow Alerts to do the Thinking for You

The dreaded time-suck at the office seems to happen all too often. Between technology failing, unexpected fires arising that require immediate attention, and the surprise proposal that should have been done yesterday, you can easily lose half of your well-planned day before you realize it. Add to this an attempt to keep track (in real time) how many hours each of your employees are working, and your brain has little power left to make that cup of coffee, much less complete the work that is actually in your job description.

While we might not have the solution to all of your problems, we can help free up some of that brain space to allow you to be more productive in your work day. One of the unique features in stratustime allows you to set alerts, removing those work-halting check ins.

Let’s create a scenario. Meet Paula, who works for your local grocer. She comes into work one Tuesday morning, clocks in as usual and goes about her job. After working for five and a half hours, she’s nearing the end of her shift when Billy calls in sick. The manager on staff asks Paula if she can cover his six hour shift and she obliges, now working a twelve hour day instead of her scheduled six. With stratustime in place, the manager would not only be alerted as Paula nears overtime, allowing him to release her from her shift, but can also be reminded after the fact that the schedule did not occur as planned.

Allow Alerts to do the Thinking for You

Create parameters to fit your needs. Be alerted when:

  • An employee is nearing overtime,
  • an employee is absent, misses a punch, comes in early, skips a meal,
  • an employee’s certification is nearing expiration,
  • and nearly any other customizable scenario you require.

With stratustime, you have the ability to set reminders and quickly move on to more mission-critical work. Ready to free up some brain space and enjoy your job again? Schedule a demo and see what automating time and attendance can do for your company.

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