Boosting Employee Engagement with Automated Time and Attendance [video]

When you consider that as much as 80% of an HR department’s time is spent on administration and paperwork, there’s no surprise that so many organizations are looking for ways to leverage employee self-service with their HR systems. Employees who have direct access to their own time and attendance data (such as PTO accruals, schedules, and timesheets) are more satisfied and engaged. Likewise, the HR employees who are juggling 100s or 1000s of employee payroll records and time off accruals see a reduction in stress and frustration, in turn keeping them more engaged with their work. Other benefits of automated HR systems include reductions in employee absenteeism, improved work satisfaction, increased regulatory compliance, plus a boost in employer trust and employee accountability that comes when employees have transparency as it pertains to their well-earned paychecks. In our June webinar, time and attendance leader nettime solutions will uncover the ways in which a cloud-based, automated time and attendance system like stratustime will help keep your employees more engaged and improve overall productivity and profitability for your organization.

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