Employee Engagement in Your HRMS – How Do You Get it?

Enjoy this blog by guest author Larry Hemley of NuView Systems.

What is the difference between successful companies and those that struggle? What makes an organization a great workplace? The answer is simple: its people. The level to which employees engage and identify with the goals and values of the company determines business results and is crucial for success or failure. Organizations demand more productivity from their personnel with a work both harder and smarter approach. There are a lot of benefits in increasing employee engagement, but how do you achieve that? A flexible and configurable HRIS that empowers employees and creates a productive workplace makes that happen.

Let there be Communication

Lack of communication within an organization causes employee frustration. A centralized HRIS system that streamlines communication and facilitates business processes increases employee engagement. Why? Because through open communication, employees stay connected to the company objectives and identify with the company values knowing what needs to be done to make an impact. Additionally, through better communication employees share information and resources that they need in order to be successful in their workplace.

Let there be Mobility

Employees wish to be able to work remotely without being physically constrained. HRIS systems that enable employees and managers to work from anywhere and have access to information at any time, offer employees comfort and convenience that leads to higher productivity. Imagine a manager who is able to handle approvals and other people related needs while watching their child’s soccer game. Or a director that is able to approve requests of leave for employees overseas while they are on vacation thousands of miles away. HRIS systems that allow for the constant tracking of objectives and results regardless of location boost employee engagement and support productivity.

Self-Service Your Workforce

Many companies lack the ability to empower their employees to have knowledge of the objectives of the organization. Employees often have no access to information and analytics that are important for engagement. As a result, employees feel less eager to engage when they know that there is no accountability. A solid HRIS system that automates workflows and provides tools for self-service contributes to the overall increase of productivity and satisfaction of the workforce. Being able to self-serve yourself through a user friendly system keeps you connected with the company’s goals and values. And this improves employee engagement.

Key Takeaways for Employee Engagement

  • Engagement comes through communication and sharing of information making employees feel connected.
  • Employees are highly engaged when they work without physical restrictions and they have continuous access to information. Mobile HRIS.
  • Intuitive HRIS systems with user friendly self-service portals increase employee engagement and accountability

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