stratustime Brings Its Best-in-Class Time & Attendance Solution to PrismHR

Scottsdale, AZ. (May 23, 2018) – nettime solutions announced today a partnership with PrismHR, a leading software provider for PEOs and ASOs. With the announcement, PrismHR clients will be able to add stratustime’s easy-to-use, flexible and reliable time & attendance solution to their PrismHR software suite.

Using their PrismHR sign-on, clients can access all stratustime manager and administrative functionality, including scheduling, labor cost reports, and analytics. No manual transferring of data is necessary when clients add stratustime to their current Prism HR suite.

Nate Jack, Business Development Manager at nettime solutions says, “a single sign-on environment that brings an integrated workflow between a best-in-class time & attendance solution and one of the better PEO solutions in the marketplace is a win-win for clients.

“Now you’ve got a freeflowing system of time & attendance data, benefits, 401k, and more that can be downloaded to payroll without any manual entry. This opens the door for us to complete more PEO integrations.”

PrismHR clients can access the cloud-based stratustime platform on almost any device, allowing employees to clock in, out, log breaks, view schedules, request time off, and more from a PC, dedicated web kiosk, laptop, tablet or cell phone.

Managers using the stratustime system can see who is currently on the clock, who’s scheduled, and keep track of hours worked during the current week or pay period. They can also track when and where employees have logged punches, helping companies manage a remote workforce.

Finally, stratustime helps HR managers, executives and business owners track labor costs and stay compliant with stratustime’s easy-to-use, customizable reporting and analytics system.

About nettime solutions

nettime solutions develops, markets and sells the cloud-based time and attendance software solution, stratustime, which provides company executives, managers, and HR professionals the ability to schedule shifts and analyze labor costs, while employees use self-service features to clock hours and ask for time off. In 2014, nettime solutions joined the Paychex, Inc. family as a wholly owned subsidiary, making stratustime a reliable, trusted solution that saves our clients time. To learn more about stratustime, visit

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