Over 160,000 Users Putting their Time in the Cloud

A few weeks ago, the nettime® solutions team celebrated the news that we now had over 150,000 users managing their time and attendance in the cloud with us. That’s 150,000 people clocking in and out, processing their accruals, scheduling their employees, reviewing and approving timecards, and running audit trails. Then something pretty awesome happened. In the time it took us to order and receive celebratory t-shirts (as modeled by the lovely volunteers shown above), we transferred another 10,000 users onto stratustime®. 

For an organization based in Scottsdale, Arizona, where the skies are consistently blue (even in December), we sure do cherish the cloud — and our clients do as well. When you consider the value a cloud-based time and attendance software solution brings to an organization, it’s easy to see why now over 160,000 users have joined us:

Zero-Impact Deployments

While updates to on-premise software require intervention that results in detailed planning and work stoppages, stratustime’s zero-impact deployments won’t interrupt your productivity. With no additional required training and no effect on your workflow, you can decide when and if you want to use innovative functionality we add to the system.

Unparalleled Support

We design, develop, deliver and support every solution we provide. This means that stratustime, the netone cloud clock, our IVR system, web kiosk, and mobile interface were all built to work together, and all come with US-based support.

Truly Integrated Systems

Many time and attendance companies are using antiquated technologies for sharing information between systems; however, nettime solutions uses the most standard web protocols and APIs to ensure the highest quality and most reliable data integration possible. File-based exchanges are often labor intensive, requiring manual transformations, and are extremely fragile. Simple human errors and the smallest alterations will result in failed data transfers and reporting.

Our dedication to innovation gives you the highest quality technologies available for a truly integrated system. With the ability to interface with over 100 different payroll and HR systems, including your internal systems. Our support tools allow your development team to easily view, test and interface your systems with ours within minutes.

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