Case Study: American Gas Products Stops Using Paper Timesheets and Gains Better Control

American Gas Products (in Boston, Mass.) is a leading supplier of industrial, microbulk and medical gases, welding supplies, and equipment. The company has 60 employees across six states.


Problem: Paper timesheets are ineffective

Some employees work by themselves, whereas others work in small groups at American Gas Products. When an employee filled out a timesheet, different managers had the responsibility for collecting and submitting the information for payroll.

“Getting them to fill out their time cards and
getting it to us was a payroll headache every
Monday morning,” says Sean Kelly, controller.


Solution: stratustime® improves control and accuracy

American Gas Products realized that paper timesheets were inefficient, ineffective and were a source of money loss in terms of misreported labor costs.

The company installed three netone cloud-based time clocks at different locations, and set up its remote employees with mobile access to stratustime. Right from their smart phones, remote employees can clock in/out and their geographic locations are recorded.

For the time clocks, the company opted for the biometric fingerprint option. “To make sure there’s no buddy punching,” explains Kelly.

Now the company has every employee’s time and attendance information centralized in the cloud with stratustime. And with a few touches of the buttons, that information automatically integrates with its Paychex payroll system. In fact, stratustime supports numerous payroll system integrations.

The alerts on the supervisor dashboard have also been helpful to American Gas Products.


“The key is paying attention to who is clocking in/out.
If you take a look every couple of days, that makes it a
smaller task versus a monumental task come Monday
morning payroll,” Kelly says.