Tardy Employees? Keep Accountable with Points Tracking

Have you ever managed an employee that consistently shows up to work late? And while you may or may not have addressed the problem, you haven’t been keeping track of the multiple small infractions. When the effects of tardiness add up, the cost to your business is much more than the lost morning minutes, and you will wish that you had kept a closer track on employee truancies.

For the purpose of this blog, Samantha will be our truant employee. Every day on her morning commute, Samantha stops at a local coffee shop to get her snack and coffee. She generally doesn’t plan time for this, and sometimes runs into unexpected delays on her way in, resulting in consistent, but varying amounts of tardiness. Joe, her manager, is somewhat aware of her actions, but doesn’t confront Samantha, nor does he correct her manual paper time sheets where she clocks herself in at 8:00am and out at 5:00pm every day. Other employees begin to notice the relaxed approach Samantha has to her hours, and Joe’s lack of management. Whether they feel discouraged because while they make sacrifices to be timely, frustrated because they feel it is unfair that Samantha is able to escape discipline for her truancies, or decide they should be able to be flexible with their own hours as well, these employees will become disengaged.

How can Joe solve this problem without resorting to micromanaging each of his employees? A simple and effective solution is points tracking. Through stratustime®, Joe receives an alert when the employee clocks in late. The employee also receives an alert and is given a pre-determined number of points based on the type of infraction she has committed. This opens the door to communication between Joe and Samantha, encouraging him to discuss his, and the business’s, expectations for the employees. With customizable policies using extensive exceptions list, automated warning messages and alert notifications, and multi-policy capability, stratustime’s points tracking module takes the mess out of tardiness.

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