Make Tax Time Easier with Accurate Workforce Data

Payroll taxes are the federal, state, and local taxes that you as an employer, are required to pay on behalf of employees. Therefore it’s essential that employees accurately record hours worked. If you end up underpaying, there will be stiff penalties and interest. And if you’re overpaying taxes, that’s not a sound financial strategy for your business.

Maybe you think you have an accurate system. Your workforce dutifully writes down hours on timesheets. Or, perhaps they queue up at the employee clock to punch a time card system.

These manual systems may be rife with errors and, unfortunately, fraud. To make matters worse, paper timesheets and time cards have no automatic integration with payroll. So that’s yet another red zone for manual input errors.

An advanced time and attendance software is based in the cloud. In a secure fashion, employees clock in/out from multiple locations –– and all of the information is captured in real time and right down to the second. This helps you pay payroll tax on the right pay rate, whether it’s overtime or not.

Best of all, cloud based time and attendance software has automatic integration with payroll and HR systems. With the push of a button, accurate time and attendance data is automatically updated into your payroll system.

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