When It Comes to Labor Law Education, Employers Need to Take The Lead

In a 2012 survey we conducted looking at labor law education, we discovered that the largest percentage of respondents depended on their employer’s policies to know about labor laws.

In our culture of on-demand information, it’s surprising to know that so many people depend heavily on their employers for such critical knowledge about the regulations affecting their working lives.

Others in our survey were more proactive in learning about labor laws. With easy access to the Internet and news outlets, it’s not surprising that those who said they educated themselves about labor laws overwhelmingly used the Web to research government-established employee protections.

Even with the ability to self educate on labor laws, 44% of survey participants used their employer’s policies as a source of labor education and more than half of them used it as their sole source of labor law information. With that level of trust given by their employees, employers must diligently work to stay on top of current labor laws and provide policies that reflect the most current and accurate compliance and employee protection guidelines.

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