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With stratustime, almost any payroll or HR software platform is easily integrated!

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Manage accrual tracking with ease, calculating time off and project employee hours based on your selected rules.

  • Choose to accrue at pay period’s beginning or end—or even daily, weekly, or monthly—and based on time passed or employee’s time logged.
  • Quickly determine company’s accrued PTO liability.
  • Handle multiple employee groups with differing plans & policies.


Get on-the-go access for all your time reporting and managing needs.

  • Employees can remotely request time off, punch in and out, enter timesheets, and clock in or out while in the field.
  • Managers get a status board to approve time off and review timesheets.
  • Geofencing allows for greater time-tracking accountability.


Managing employee time just got a whole lot easier. Spend less time manually checking and set alerts instead.

  • Get automatic alerts for punches in and out.
  • Automatic warnings when employees approach overtime.
  • Even set alerts for employee certification renewals - or whatever other alerts you need.

Points Tracking

Our simple, automated, and versatile tally system delivers straightfoward numbers to help track time fairly.

  • Keep track of absences.
  • Customize based on your rules.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office and attaches documents.


Make your life easier with our forecasting tools. You can predict and reconcile worked hours without the manual monotony.

  • Automatically forecast timecards — and choose custom options.
  • Pay employees current — without the headaches.
  • Reconcile timecards with ease.

Advanced Reporting

Easily craft your own reports with Excel®, using whatever data you’re analyzing and presenting. Our advanced reporting tools are great for custom reports and more. Some examples:

  • Report hours based on labor levels.
  • Compare scheduled versus actual hours.
  • Track employee time infractions and exceptions.
  • Understand seasonal/yearly trends in staffing needs.
  • Monitor, manage, and prevent unnecessary overtime.

ACA Compliance

Manage any employee class for ACA compliance.

  • Get custom alerts to know if employees are approaching set thresholds.
  • Get scheduling notifications to allot employee time wisely.
  • Customize your measurement periods.

Compensatory Time

Are you a public US company or private Canadian company? Our software can help
 you keep accurate records so you can comply with relevant requirements.

  • Automatically reassign hours.
  • Set comp time pay rates & factors.
  • Bank hours by employee, manager, admin, or a combination of roles.
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