The Manufacturing Labor Challenge: Convenience, Budget and Speed

Imagine yourself entering an apparel manufacturing plant. You’ve got inspectors, testers, sorters, samplers and weighers. Then, there are the sewing machine operators and the textile cutting and textile knitting and weaving machine setters, operators and tenders. Front-line supervisors are managing all of these production and operations workers, and the company relies on each person to not just do his or her job properly, but also to do it during specific time frames. So, what happens when over 400 workers need to quickly and accurately change shifts? It’s times like this when a traditional time clock simply won’t cut it. The good news is you don’t have to sacrifice time and labor data collection and analytics for workplace efficiency.

A few weeks ago we announced the official release of our latest time and attendance product, the stratustime web kiosk. This innovative data collection product meets three key needs of bustling manufacturing facilities: convenience, budget, and speed.

I had the opportunity to speak with one of our clients who has already implemented the stratustime web kiosk with 450 employees in seven different locations (and growing). While the company had previously used time clocks, they didn’t have the budget to purchase new clocks, and they had existing PC terminals that were going unused. Meanwhile, they faced the enormous challenge of supporting these 450 employees changing shifts within a 15-minute time frame. If you do the math, you’ll see that this means each employee would need to clock in or out in just two seconds.

Not only were we able to help them achieve that two-second goal, but also our web kiosk software made it possible for them to repurpose those vacant PC terminals in a very practical and yet innovative way.

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