Cloud-Based Time & Attendance for Satellite Offices

Organizations are always looking for ways to improve processes. Many leaders prioritize efforts that increase sales, or maximize ROI on marketing efforts. They also care about enhancing the way employees connect, collaborate, and sync up across different locations, including satellite offices.

Time and Attendance Software for Satellite Offices

These days, business happens almost anywhere, and at almost any time. It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup, or an established organization—there’s practically no limit to how, when, and where you can operate.

With so many technologies and tools at your fingertips, including cloud-based time & attendance software, it’s easier than ever to operate across satellite locations, whether you’re expanding, merging, or offering new flex work options.

Below, we’ll look at three ways that your cloud-based time & attendance software can help your people and locations sync up, and operate more efficiently.

Maximizing security and ROI are big concerns when you’re considering any new software. That includes cloud-based time & attendance software. Have you noticed issues related to time theft in your workplace? Take our Time Theft Test, and find out if now is the right time to consider a new time & attendance solution.

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Focusing on Time and Attendance Software

Whenever employees work at multiple locations, you want to be sure that your time & attendance software is up to the challenge. Otherwise, your software might actually work against you by slowing your growth, or creating inefficiencies that affect payroll, workflow, collaboration, and even employee morale.

Generally speaking, satellite offices are physically separated from an organization’s main location. Your organization might operate one or more satellite offices after a merger or acquisition, because of growth or expansion, or even as a way to create flexible work arrangements for employees.

If growth is on your mind, then you might not be focused on time & attendance software right now. Interestingly enough, if your time & attendance software doesn’t help you take full advantage of the cloud, it could actually work against growth goals.


Cloud-based time & attendance software such as stratustime puts cutting-edge technology in the hands of your employees, no matter where they work.

As a cloud-based time & attendance solution, stratustime is built to support employees, managers, and administrators no matter where or when they work. In so doing, stratustime can help you keep an eye on things that matter to your bottom line.

 1. Focus on simplifying logistics

With offices or worksites in different geographical locations, it can create unintended redundancies, not to mention communication gaps. With stratustime, you give managers and administrators a solution that helps simplify their jobs.

  • Ideally, your satellite offices will work in tandem with one another, or with your main office or location. There might even be cases where employees move between offices or worksites.
  • When your employees move around, stratustime goes with them. With stratustime, workers can log in from a dedicated time clock, a central kiosk, or from their own mobile device via the stratustime Time App.

2. Create flexibilities for an evolving workforce

In the short-term, an outdated time & attendance system can be difficult to train on and use. Longer term, your outdated software might prevent you from retaining top talent, and could even hinder recruiting efforts. This is especially true if your software causes workers to feel closed in, or makes it difficult for them to do their jobs remotely.

Many of stratustime’s next-gen features are meant to provide flexible, user-friendly solutions.

  • The software’s Mileage Calculator for Expense Reimbursements is an ideal companion for workers who must calculate travel miles. Now they can do so using the same software they use to track time worked.
  • Meanwhile, stratustime’s Mobile App lets workers log in across a number of devices, which is a fantastic option in BYOD workplaces. Compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems, the stratustime Mobile App enables users to Clock In and Out, enter Meals and Breaks, perform Transfers, and view total worked hours.

3. Facilitate communication among employees, workgroups, and managers

When team members work next to or down the hall from one another, it can be easy for them to sync up in person. However, when they’re at different locations, your technology has to help fill the gaps. stratustime can help facilitate communication between workers and managers when it comes to scheduling, swapping shifts, and moving between different job functions.

  • Managers can set and receive clock in/out alerts, and make sure that employees are managing workflow responsibilities according to the schedule. They can also make and announce scheduling changes quickly.
  • They can also schedule and receive alerts in cases when employees are approaching overtime.
  • The software also makes it easy for employees to swap shifts, as well as sync up their professional and personal calendars.

What’s more, stratustime can help make things easier for HR and payroll teams.

  • HR can set parameters related to tracking holidays, and even differentiate between salaried and hourly workers.
  • stratustime syncs seamlessly with dozens of payroll solutions, and can help your payroll team avoid oversights that can often happen in remote or satellite situations.

Is your time & attendance software up to the challenges that come when you have satellite offices, or when employees work at multiple locations? Whether you’re focused on growth, or trying to improve connections across worksites, now could be a good time to explore a time & attendance solution that’s built for today and tomorrow.

When your workers are scattered across different locations, rely on stratustime to streamline the way you track time, build connections, and keep employees engaged with the way they work. Give us a call. We’ll put stratustime to work for you.

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