Different Pay Rates: Paying Employees the Right Rate at the Right Time

The workplace is often depicted as a monolithic stereotype. On TV and in movies, we frequently see workers moving across the screen performing a set role. But the inner workings of a business are more nuanced than that.

From manufacturing to professional services, there are usually multiple tasks assigned to a single employee. These tasks can be divided within a project or spread across the organization touching multiple projects. As a result of different tasks, some employees have different pay rates.

An advanced time and attendance system is an automatic solution to make sure you are paying employees the right rate at the right time.

With a cloud-based time and attendance system, project managers and shift supervisors have instant access to an employee’s timesheet. Tasks can be added/removed.

As the employee clocks in/out of one activity, the list remains updated with other eligible assignments and the different pay rates. Easy-to-access assignment information and pay rate transparency are the bedrocks of employee satisfaction.

Yet some companies continue to use paper timesheets for recording of time and attendance. But even the most careful calculators can have a misstep on overtime. That’s no way to keep employees happy. To provide a great employee experience, an advanced time and attendance system can be configured to make sure employees are paid the overtime salary and wages allowed by local, state, and federal law.

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