stratustime and the construction industry

Free up time to hammer out the details

Time & Attendance that works for you.

stratustime was designed with your business in mind. Construction-related work poses unique challenges when it comes to time and attendance, including:

  • Tracking workers’ time across multiple job sites
  • Providing a secure way for workers to clock in and out
  • Clocking in without access to the internet
  • Preventing fraudulent timecard reporting
  • Scheduling
  • ACA Compliance

We also know you need something that’s easy to use, works with your current payroll and accounting systems, and can be customized to your business. stratustime does all this, and much more.

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74% of companies report accuracy problems due to a manual timekeeping and attendance system.


15% annual revenue loss is attributed to timesheet errors, buddy punching, and wage theft.


43% of payroll overpayments are caused by time and attendance errors.


Still using a manual time and attendance system?

The costs associated with manual timekeeping may not be obvious, but they are significant. Take a look at a few construction industry statistics and you’ll quickly see how manual time and attendance systems can affect profit margins.


Stratustime® solves problems created by manual time & attendance systems.

Improves Accuracy

Stratustime has helped decrease time tracking errors by 32%.

Protects against fraud

91% of construction businesses plan to integrate mobile timekeeping technology. stratustime’s Geofencing ensures that your workers are onsite when they punch in and out.

Sharper Bids

Collecting job data allows you to monitor labor costs, run reports, and create more accurate estimates. stratustime has helped improve estimate accuracy by 36%.

Isn’t it about time?

Once you make the move to stratustime’s cloud-based time and attendance system, you’ll wonder how you did it manually for all these years.

Learn more about how stratustime can help you increase sales and profit margins.


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