They Have a Need for Speed

When you have a large number of employees arriving to and departing from work at the same time, no one wants to be held up on a long line to clock in or out. Solution: web kiosk.

A web kiosk is essentially a virtual time clock that you can set up on any Internet-connected tablet. Most employers mount the tablet to the wall for easier access. At the web kiosk, employees can clock in or out––in under 2 seconds. Now, that’s efficient.

The virtual time clock has a simple interface. With just a quick ID entry and tap on the clock in/out button, your employees won’t be “backed up” in the high-traffic entry area.

This speed is especially appealing for people who work on teams. The fast clock in/out process helps all teammates get through the time clock line without delays.

An advanced time and attendance system is also cloud-based. This means your IT department doesn’t have to install software or be responsible for updates to the web kiosk on the tablet. Instead, a cloud-based time and attendance system seamlessly and automatically pushes out updates every two weeks.

And web kiosks are affordable. By using your own tablet and accessing the cloud-based time and attendance system, this eliminates the need to purchase hardware. With those savings, you can reallocate those funds to other employee initiatives.

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