Time and Attendance for Now and the Future

Time and attendance has traditionally been the data that drives payroll, allows organizations to control overtime and helps them maintain compliance with both federal and complex state labor laws, but it is progressively becoming a workforce management, productivity and business decision tool.

Software as a Service (SaaS) has transformed the delivery of time and attendance with profound benefits to payroll and human resource professionals as well as the organizations they work for. SaaS delivery of time and attendance solutions has decreased implementation time, increased updates and enhancements and allowed organizations to proactively budget their costs for the application.

Human resource systems are becoming more integrated with the seamless movement of data between the various components resulting in a comprehensive view of employees including their time and attendance.

With the Great Recession and recent economic unrest in Europe and Asia, organizations need to make proactive rather than reactive decisions using the real-time data that time and attendance can now provide.

Current nettime® solutions clients use their time and attendance data to identify trends in activities that tie directly to revenue generation or review PTO patterns that might indicate an employee is looking for other employment. stratustime® builds upon our history of innovation by putting that information right at the fingertips of all management personnel through real-time interactive charts that can be customized to the specific trends or key performance indicators your organization is tracking.

Supervisors have notoriously been left unempowered to use time and attendance data to make proactive decisions at the line level. With stratustime, supervisors will be able to see and tweak data sets that help them make business-oriented decisions that drive operations and the bottom line.

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