Does Your Time & Attendance System Help You Manage the ACA?

If your US-based company has at least 50 full time employees, then you’re already preparing to provide healthcare coverage to your employees who are working 30 or more hours per week. When it comes to administering the benefits associated with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), if your company is still using spreadsheets, Excel-based reports and manual calculations as part of your time and attendance process, you’ll most certainly be faced with highly complicated procedures and enormous potential for error — with financial implications.

This is why now so many companies of nearly every size are turning to automated time and attendance to not only ensure their local, state and federal compliance, but also to make better workforce decisions for today and for the future. With so many time and attendance options available in the marketplace, how can you be sure which one is right for your organization? While many companies certainly can help you navigate your ACA compliance, few have the technology in place to truly manage your ACA compliance.

Today with our stratustime software, our ACA module will help thousands of businesses around the country by

  • better understanding their workforce data;
  • effectively scheduling the right employees at the right times;
  • delivering accurate and rapid reports;
  • monitoring employees’ schedules, time records, eligibility and benefits enrollment with real-time alerts;
  • and producing comprehensive audits with the click of a button.

With the ACA module available in stratustime and the support available from nettimesolutions, your HR and payroll department will continue to drive your company forward by working on your strategic initiatives instead of spending their days gathering evidence to prove your ACA compliance efforts.

nettime solutions has been at the forefront of emerging time and attendance technologies since 1996 when we developed software to allow small to medium-sized businesses to use biometric devices to control their labor costs. Again we led the pack as innovators in 2000 when we developed the first completely browser-based Software as a Service (Saas) time and attendance solution — which we have been delivering and supporting exclusively since 2008.

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