Top 10 Time and Attendance Posts of 2014

I’m one of those people who loves reflecting on the past year and then setting new goals and expectations for the year ahead. You know the ones. I’m the friend who always produces a highlight video with pictures and footage from the last 12 months, set to tear-jerker music that makes you wish you could rewind the months and live every delicious moment one more time.

Well, since I can’t quite do that for all of you (one day, perhaps), I’d like to share some of the most popular written content we produced in 2014. More specifically, it’s a top 10 list of the most-read blogs from the team here at nettime solutions, with #1 being the most popular post of 2014.

And away we go …

10. True Mobile Solutions — Mobile Website or App?

Six of your staff members have iPhones, four have Android devices, three have Windows phones and two are on BlackBerries. Everyone is armed with a smartphone that has the capacity to support the mobility initiatives in your company, yet there are still potential limitations to your true mobile access that can impact your team’s productivity.

 9. Managing Off-Site Employees

With over 450 million mobile workers globally, it is no wonder why businesses large and small are looking for smart ways to manage their off-site employees. In today’s world, it is very common to have employees not only working in the main office, but also from satellite offices, remotely from home, and completing jobs off-site. With employees in so many different locations, it can be a difficult feat to keep them well managed and on task.

 8. Tardy Employees? Keep Accountable with Points Tracking

Have you ever managed an employee that consistently shows up to work late? And while you may or may not have addressed the problem, you haven’t been keeping track of the multiple small infractions. When the effects of tardiness add up, the cost to your business is much more than the lost morning minutes, and you will wish that you had kept a closer track on employee truancies.

 7. Managing your Mobile Workforce with Geolocation: Made Easy

Managing a mobile workforce can present some complications. Without a cloud-based time and attendance system, such as stratustime, keeping track of mobile employee’s time cards can be time consuming. New technology, such as geolocation, allows managers to quickly verify their employees’ time and location of punch, in real-time, giving them the capacity to focus on high-level projects.

 6. Use of Mobile Technology in Business [infographic]

Did you know that there are over 450 million mobile workers worldwide, and mobile workers carry on average 3.5 devices? Are you one of the 91% of businesses that plan to integrate a mobile workstyle into your organization? With BYOD (bring your own device) mobility plans on the rise, it’s critical that your HR technology can easily support your mobility initiatives.

 5. 3 Keys to Successful Software Integration

When it comes to integrating cloud-based software, there are three keys to ensuring your integration will be successful in helping you achieve your end goals. These keys are flexibility, security, and documentation.

 4. Help! I’m Implementing HR Technology and I Don’t Speak the Language

API, FTP, SOAP, REST and XML — If you’re not a computer programmer, it’s enough to make your head spin.  And yet, in today’s technologically advanced workplace, these acronyms may be bubbling to the top of your HR integration conversations, regardless of if your role is in payroll, IT or even finance.

 3. Taking the Headache Out of Paying Employees Current

For all of my payroll friends whose companies pay current (as opposed to in arrears), my heart goes out to you. I hear stories about the hours of time spent manually adjusting time each pay period to accommodate changes, and with each anecdote I visualize all of the time and money being flushed down the proverbial toilet.

 2. How Much is Time Theft Costing yout Business? [infographic]

Gasp! Did you know that the average employee steals approximately 54 minutes each day, every day? How is this happening? Buddy punching, inaccurately recording time, and simply wasting time are three of the heaviest hitters in employee time theft. These minor infractions are costing US businesses $400 billion each year.

 1. Do You Know Your Accrued PTO Liability?

Over the course of the last ten years, companies of all sizes have been transitioning to PTO banks, which combine vacation days, sick leave, personal days, and in some cases, holidays, into one lump of time that employees can use for any reason. By integrating all of these hours into one pool, employees can take days off at their discretion (with supervisor approval, of course) when they need them. PTO banks are easy to administer while also providing employees with flexibility and privacy, among other benefits. While widely used both in public and private, and in non-profit and for-profit organizations, there are some potential disadvantages to PTO banks, particularly if they are poorly managed.

So, there you have it. Our top 10 most widely read blog posts of 2014. Which was your favorite? let us know here in the comments section of our blog, or give us a shout-out on Twitter @nettime with #Top10.

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