Adeptly Managing Time Off Requests With Time and Attendance Software

Managers can spend all day making schedules. That’s because even the most stable working environment has a flux of individual employee needs. With a cloud based time and attendance software, time off requests can be more effectively managed.

On the Employee Dashboard, employees can check their PTO accruals even before they make a request. On a schedule, they can see who else from their team has requested the same time off. Since all time and attendance data updates in real time, the request will be made with accuracy.

On the Manager Dashboard, the manager receives the request and it automatically displays the employee’s accrual balance and indicates if the request is within limit.

The Manager Dashboard also displays the time off request within the context of the Visual Scheduler. The manager can provide better workforce management by ensuring certain days are not understaffed.

After evaluating the request, the Manager reaches a decision to approve. But if circumstances change, the system provides an easy way to cancel preapproved requests.

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