Benefits of Biometrics

In some businesses hourly employees have a 5-10 minute window to clock in or out from their shift. If the employee tries to begin or end his shift outside of this time span, a manager must sign off, and he is most likely written up. You can imagine then for someone who is chronically late, or is afraid of tarnishing his reputation, how appealing it would be to avoid that confrontation. Often times it’s a situation like this that provokes buddy punching. And while time theft isn’t the only problem that biometrics solves, it can be the most costly.

The use of biometrics, the screening of a person’s unique traits through electronics to confirm his or her identity, for tracking time and attendance decreases associated costs. Unlike a bar code or proximity badge, a person’s traits are unique to only him or herself. It’s not so easy to misplace, accidentally switch, copy, or share something as complex as your own fingerprint.

Requiring a feature of your own body to clock in or out virtually eliminates the possibility of time theft by having a colleague enter in the punch. Not only does this reduce the reported 2.2% of gross payroll that buddy punching costs, it also eliminates the cost of badges and proximity cards. Without a password to remember, no time will be wasted on requesting access to retrieve a lost password or reset an old password for security measures. Collecting time and attendance data with biometrics reduces the hassle, while ensuring accountability and ease.

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