Cancelling Previously Approved Requests the Easy Way

Approving an employee’s time off request can be a daunting task. It means taking time out of your day to review the employee’s PTO bank to see if the number of hours requested off are available, to assess other employees’ schedules, and to run through projects and meetings and consider any possible changes. Now imagine, a week later all of that work needs to be undone. Frustrated yet? Luckily, automated time and attendance systems, like stratustime, make it easy to approve time off and cancel previously approved time off requests.

To better understand the process, let’s pretend Hanna, who works in hospitality, has requested time off to travel, but her outbound flight has been cancelled due to weather. She now must try to gain her shifts back.

In a business without cloud-based time and attendance: Hanna must contact her manager, George, to let him know she will now be able to work when she has originally planned to be out of town. George will then need to check the full employee schedule to see if she can be granted this shift. If the schedule can accommodate Hanna’s shift, George must contact HR and request that the PTO, which has already been removed from her bank, be replenished.

In a business with cloud-based time and attendance: Hanna logs into stratustime and clicks the red x next to the requested PTO that she no longer wishes to take. George then receives an email alert, allowing him to quickly deny or accept her request. Hanna receives an email notifying her of George’s decision, and everyone can go back to their work. In the case that the schedule is full without Hanna, George has the option to deny the PTO cancellation request Hanna has made.

employee dashboard


Now let’s pretend Hanna has requested to take a day off and George has approved it, only to find out a week later that a mandatory department meeting will be held on that day. George must now deny the request he previously approved. In the same way that George was able to accept or deny Hanna’s PTO cancellation request, he can also cancel a previously approved request. Hanna will receive an email alert notifying her of the changes made to her schedule, and her PTO bank will be credited the hours of the request.

manager dashboard

No matter how hard we try to maintain a schedule, change seems to be inevitable. Whether circumstances delay a meeting, the weather changes a flight, or the school nurse calls with a sick child, stratustime is flexible, allowing these unexpected changes to be handled promptly and easily.

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