Manage Mobile Employees in the Cloud

There are more mobile employees in today’s workforce than ever before, whether it’s because a valuable employee has to relocate, an ideal candidate for an open position happens to be in another state, or an employee’s daily responsibilities require him to work out of office. Globally, 450 million mobile workers are bringing the advantages of off site teams to not only themselves but to their businesses.

The key to reaping the benefits of a mobile employee is understanding his needs to be successful in his position. Depending on the requirements of his job, an employee might be working from home, at another office or job site, in a coffee shop, at a shared workstation, while traveling … the possibilities are endless. Each location presents a circumstance where the employee might not have access to certain devices. With mobile employees using several different electronics throughout the workday, it’s important for each device to be able to tackle the needs at hand. While apps and software might not be the most convenient, needing to be downloaded and updated, a cloud-based software will be compatible with any device that your mobile employee has access to. With a time and attendance solution like stratustime, an employee can be on the go with a tablet, smartphone, or laptop and clock in or out via the internet without hassle.

While an employee may not be in office or in sight, this does not mean she should be out of mind. Continue to engage this employee by:

  1. scheduling recurring meetings with the employee and her team to allow group discussions to reconnect,
  2. creating clear goals, and
  3. addressing any concerns or conflicts immediately.

When managed efficiently, a mobile employee can experience increased productivity and job satisfaction, a reduction in his commute time and costs, as well as a better work/life balance. Allowing employees to work remotely also benefits the business by motivating employees to work smarter not harder, by attracting top talent and by expanding their pool of potential hires.

Managing an off site employee shouldn’t be an inconvenience. Keeping your team engaged, motivated and informed will go far in creating a successful business. Want to learn more about having a successful mobile workforce? Re-experience our webinar “Supporting Workforce Mobility Initiatives with Time & Attendance” recorded on March 26, hosted by Jennifer Spencer and Cory Lamle.

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