Facial Recognition Technology Can Help You Stop Time Theft

Companies everywhere are concerned with time theft. One of the ways that time clock fraud can happen is through “buddy punching,” when an employee clocks in or out for other employees.

Facial recognition technology is designed to help you prevent buddy punching.

Do your employees know how much buddy punching costs your company?  

Buddy punching can go right to your company’s bottom line: Time fraud can cost businesses up to 5% of gross payroll, according to the American Payroll Association (APA).

Time theft can also affect morale, and negatively impact your workplace culture:

  • When people habitually leave early, show up late, or extend their breaks, productivity can be impacted.
  • Workflow bottlenecks can happen when other employees scramble to cover for the work that’s not getting done by another employee.
  • Additionally, certain workers might feel pressured or coerced into buddy punching. And are perhaps too intimidated to take the issue to management?

When your time & attendance solution includes advanced features like facial recognition technology, you may be able to avoid these types of issues. Below, we’ll explore ways this technology is helping mitigate time theft issues.

What does facial recognition have to do with time & attendance? If you’re worried about time theft, and want to improve clock in/out accuracy, then face recognition might be the answer. Read the report, “Next-Gen Features for Time & Attendance,” to learn more about how stratustime is innovating what it means to be on the clock.

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The technology behind facial recognition can improve accuracy

Accuracy in tracking time and attendance is a top criteria when choosing a time & attendance solution, and one of the driving forces behind time & attendance product evolution. After all, one of the reasons why companies move away from paper to track time & attendance is because they are looking to improve their accuracy.

Since the 1990s, time & attendance software has continued to evolve, becoming more and more accurate at tracking time worked and attendance.

Facial recognition technology can bring a whole new level of accuracy to time & attendance. 

Improved accuracy is at the heart of facial recognition technology. When included as part of a time & attendance solution, facial recognition technology can offer many benefits, starting with reducing the potential for successful buddy punching.

Here’s how stratustime’s new facial recognition feature can work for you:

  • The feature uses proprietary measures to locate a face within an image, and filters out any image quality issues.
  • It identifies specific facial landmarks, such as the eyes, nose, or mouth, using a multiple algorithm feature detection method.
  • Then it generates a face template, which serves as a custom signature.

The template works like an employee badge or authentication password would. The difference, of course, is that employees can share, lose, or misplace badges or passwords. This helps to do away with those issues.

Facial recognition technology offers flexibility

  • With access to multiple selfie images, facial recognition can generate multiple distinct templates for one user.
  • And, the technology’s anti-spoofing features help to ensure that it’s validating a real person, and not a video or picture of a person. In other words, the technology is designed not to be fooled by a still image or video clip from a phone.

stratustime’s face recognition technology is compatible with abroad range of devices, and can support most workplaces that encourage a bring-your-own device (BYOD) policy.

  • Users can access FaceLocate without needing network connectivity.
  • The BYOD option lets customers download the app onto iOS or Android tablets.

Time clock fraud won’t go away on its own. If it’s happening in your organization, it could continue to cut into your bottom line, dampen employee morale, and even make it difficult for you to retain frustrated workers.

Shrugging off time theft, or hoping that it will go away on its own, is not the solution. 

Rather than hiding from the issue, facial recognition technology offers an option that may help deter buddy punching altogether.

When your time & attendance solution includes facial recognition technology, you can reduce the possibility that employees will forget, misplace, or share their credentials with coworkers. Not only can this help you address time theft, but it can also help lower administrative costs. Find out more about stratustime’s commitment to bringing next-gen time & attendance solutions to your workplace.

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