Managing your Mobile Workforce with Geolocation: Made Easy

Managing a mobile workforce can present some complications. Without a cloud-based time and attendance system, such as stratustime, keeping track of mobile employee’s time cards can be time consuming. New technology, such as geolocation, allows managers to quickly verify their employees’ time and location of punch, in real-time, giving them the capacity to focus on high-level projects.

Let’s review how to use stratustime’s geolocation feature in order to best benefit you:

1. In the manager dashboard, the ability to track the geolocation of punches can be turned on or off for each individual employee. If an entire department requires geolocation tracking, the mass transaction editor can select multiple employees at once.
geolocation manager dashboard

2. After geolocation is activated, an employee can clock in and out via mobile location.

geolocation clock in

3. The manager is able to see that there is not only time, but a location that is tracked with this punch. By clicking the geolocation icon, details of the punch can be seen.

geolocation punch

4 . The location and time of the punch are displayed through Google Maps.

geolocation map

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