Top 5 Ways Tracking Time and Attendance Can Help Properly Classify Payees

It is of the utmost importance to properly classify payees. This can help a company manage proper reporting and compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Here are five ways an automated time and attendance software solution can help properly classify employees:

Accurate time and attendance reporting

Nothing inhibits data collection more than calculating paper timesheets and tracking down misplaced time cards. An automated time and attendance software solution moves beyond the basics of time tracking. With customizable analytics and key performance indicator (KPI) tracking, managers can develop insights to improve decision making.

Accurate time and attendance data in real time

With automated time and attendance software based in the cloud, data is recorded in real time. Managers can see on a dashboard who is clocked in/out, and who is approaching overtime. Easy-to-read icons warn managers of exceptions and missed punches. And customizable charts help managers analyze labor data and predict operational needs.

Accurate time and attendance from remote locations

You may be in a business where your employees spend more time at offsite locations than they do at company headquarters. With a mobile website for a time and attendance system, your employees can clock in/out on their mobile device. Best of all, your employees don’t need to install an app, which constantly needs updating.

Accurate time and attendance self-service information

You may give your employees the best state-of-the-art tools to do their jobs. But back at their desks, they’re scratching their heads wondering, ‘What is next week’s schedule?’ With cloud-based time and attendance software, employees can check their hours, schedules, and accrual balances using a self-service employee dashboard. Time-off requests can then be confidently and efficiently made to the manager for approval.

Seamless integration of time and attendance data into payroll and HR systems

Payroll software is essential, and so too is the ability to seamlessly integrate your time and attendance data. Additionally, HR systems benefit from having seamless integration because this can help track not only just how much an employee has been paid, but how much time they have spent working at the company.

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