3 Similarities Between Apple Watch and Cloud-Based Time and Attendance

Apple Watch® releases today!

Those of us who are early technology adopters gave out a shriek of joy when we saw the cool TV ad.

Technology is awesome. But guess what else? This innovative new watch employs many of the same principles as our very own cloud-based time and attendance software. Want to know how?

Here are the top 3 ways they are similar:

Time Is Relative

The question is no longer “What time is it?” but “How am I using time?” Just like jogging (time, distance, heart rate), a sophisticated time and attendance system can show where, when, and how your employees are logging time. These labor analytics can help you make better decisions on workforce management.

Time Does Not Stand Still

Instant access to information is not for the nerdy; it has become the very basis for a successful business. Real-time time and attendance data automatically updates to the Manager Dashboard. Time off accruals and pay rates can be managed effectively, as well as an integration with HR and payroll software.

The Wise Manage Time Wisely

Goals ÷ Time = Efficient. This formula drives us to seek out the tools that improve efficiency. For example, a Visual Scheduler lets you click and drag time slots for employees. Breaks and meals can be added, and a quick schedule assignment is made, dynamically controlled by payroll policies.

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