The Best Time and Attendance Questions on Optimizing Your Business – Part One

We had so many great questions throughout our recent webinar on optimizing your business by managing time and attendance, that it’s just way too much time and attendance goodness for only one blog post. So, we’re breaking the Q&As from this month into a two-part series. Don’t forget to check back in with us tomorrow to read the next five.

Can your time and attendance reports be scheduled, and can they be emailed automatically?

Yes! Our reports can be automatically emailed to you or any group of people you assign to receive specific reports. Also, we know it can be frustrating when you don’t get a report right the first time. Within stratustime, all of your templates are saved. This makes it very easy to make adjustments to your settings without having to start from scratch.

How many topics or items can you have in the system to track types of labor?

There are an infinite number of labor levels available at your disposal with the ability to dive 15 items deep into any one area.

How can I prevent buddy punching?

There are a number of ways that employees can interact with the time system — everything from web punching to time sheet entry — but truly the only way to prevent buddy punching is through biometric fingerprint punching directly from a time clock.

Can you explain how field workers can be supported? Is there a mobile app or GPS?

We do have a mobile interface (not an app) so employees can keep time in real-time from a mobile device. They can also submit electronic timesheets, and if you have employees in leadership positions in the field they can see an abbreviated summary status board from their mobile devices so they can maintain an overview of their team.

What do you do for salaried (exempt) employees? Are there options to track their attendance, but not really time?

We can help in a variety of ways. A consulting firm, for example, needs to track real-time for their charge purposes, but when it comes to paying their employees, they still get their salaried rates. We also offer simple exception-based time and attendance where maybe they’re only putting in requests for sick time, vacation time, etc., and we can automatically have their payroll export populate their appropriate rates.

Don’t forget to check back in tomorrow for the next five questions (and answers).

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