The Best Time and Attendance Questions on Optimizing Your Business – Part Two

Just as we promised, today we’re delivering the next five questions (and answers) from our recent webinar on optimizing your business by managing time and attendance. If you missed yesterday’s post, you can check it out here.

Can you prevent mobile punching based off the location of a specific device?

Yes! There are a number of ways we can restict punching from a mobile device. The first one is with basic network restrictions, meaning you can restrict activity to a certain IP address. The other ability we have is called geofencing (a newer feature we’ve added alongside geolocation). With geolocation, anyone who performs a punch via mobile device has a map stamp that accompanies it either with a basic map view or satellite map view, showing a manager specifically where a punch occured. With geofencing you can set different fences by electronically drawing a grid on a map, or you can drop a pin on a map and say, for instance, only allow employees to punch within a certain number of feet of the pin.

Are the labor level titles in the system pre-determined or are they customizable?

Every single descriptor in the labor level configuration is completely customizable.

Does your software support job costing?

Yes! There are a few different tools to help support job costing. We can have pay rates for employees, and we can have override rates for different projects. We also have a category called charge rate which is completely separate from the other pay rates. This allows you to run a report that would tell you not only what you need to pay your employees but also what you will be charging your external clients. We can attach pay rates at the employee level, or the task or job level.

Can hourly employees see their PTO accruals and schedules from home?

Yes! Because we are a cloud-based solution, employees only need access to the internet to access stratustime. If you do not wish for employees to have access, we can restrict access to the system via the same IP address restrictions we mentioned in the question about mobile punching. If you want, say, your employess to be able to see their schedules or request PTO but you don’t want them to be able to clock in or out from home, those restrictions are easy for us to accomodate.

Can other programs and platforms be integrated with your software?

Yes! We do everything from an interface to a full integration with other software programs. Whether you need flat file imports and exports or real-time web services, we have built hundreds of integrations and interfaces with payroll providers, ERP companies, and HR services.

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