Biometric Benefits

Modern biometric clocks deliver the security and convenience of biometric technology to small and mid-size companies.

Biometric devices eliminate the need for badges or passwords by using physical characteristics unique to each employee. Hand scanners use the distinctive size and shape of hands, palm readers use the individual patterns of blood vessels in palms and fingerprint readers use the idiosyncratic arches, loops and whorls of fingerprints.

Using biometric controls can help increase payroll accuracy by eliminating errors associated with manual data collection, reduce administrative time and eradicate employee time theft from tardies, leave earlies, “buddy punching” (when employees clock in and out for one another), extended breaks and long lunches.

Time theft in all its forms results in lower productivity and poor morale. Biometric clocks can help lower costs while rebuilding trust and morale and improving productivity because employers and employees know there is an accurate record of time.

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