Help Employees Sync Personal And Work Calendars

Do you remember the old family calendar that hung from a nail in your kitchen? That was how many parents and kids used to keep track of carpooling schedules, exams, band practice, soccer, family game night and plenty more. Blue pen meant “work stuff”, the red marker meant “personal,” and everything synced up—despite the scribbles and random notes.

Workers can sync work and personal calendars

Relying on calendars is not new. But the types of calendars people use have changed dramatically.

When was the last time you or your employees used a paper calendar, let alone shared one? Was it the 12 months of kittens in baskets someone brought home from a white elephant party? Or the handy desk calendar that made so much sense for a month or two, but has since gotten dusty?

Today, our calendars are in our back pockets, or on our computers.

Your employees scroll, tap, click, accept invites, add, edit, and repeat in a matter of seconds. But it’s not always so simple and seamless, especially when the scheduling software at work doesn’t sync up with personal calendars.

Toggling between personal and work calendars can be time consuming.

People need to re-enter information, or forward invites and reminders from one device to another just to keep track of what’s going on. As they do, they worry about double-booking, or keying in the wrong information, which can cause them to miss a shift.

  • These issues can be especially common in retail and restaurant environments where shifts move, or don’t always follow a consistent weekly pattern.
  • Gig and part-time workers can also struggle keeping up, especially when they’re balancing multiple clients and projects.

When employees can sync work and personal calendars, this can help them keep track of schedules, shifts, and more. 

stratustime’s new Calendar Sync feature helps solve issues related to tracking and lining up personal and professional schedules, so workers can access everything they need in a calendar app they already use.

stratustime can help you and your teams plan proactively, customize shifts, avoid overtime costs and more. The report, “Next-Gen Features For Time & Attendance,” discusses recent innovations that help make sure we stay on the clock for you and your teams.

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Calendar Sync supports workers who already use a preferred calendar application, such as iCalendar, Google Calendar, Outlook, or others.

The feature can help make it easier for workers to track schedules, swap shifts, and line up their professional and personal lives.

  • Workers can merge their work and personal calendars, instead of having to toggle between different apps, on Android or iOS devices.
  • Calendar Sync can also help them save time and avoid errors, since they won’t have to key information into multiple apps.

Calendar app on smart phone

Features support you and your workers

With Calendar Sync, you and your team can view shifts in a clear, easy-to-follow format, with whichever compatible calendar apps people are using. You and your workers can:

  • Easily toggle between future dates to check schedules in advance.
  • Organize shift patterns to see what shifts people are working, depending on the day, week or month.
  • Text or email updates about shifts, and transfer data from one device to another in a matter of seconds.
  • Color code work and personal obligations to make things easy to scan.
  • Share work calendars with friends or family.
  • Send and receive real-time updates and reminders when there’s an update to the calendar.

Setting up Calendar Sync is simple:

  • Employees enter existing Outlook, Google, or Apple account information.
  • Users choose to sync work schedules, and/or approved time off, with personal calendar.
  • Once Calendar Sync is set, approved PTO and scheduled work hours automatically sync and populate onto personal calendars in near real-time.

Calendar Sync is built with simplicity in mind.

As your dedicated time & attendance solution, stratustime can help you and the members of your staff enjoy new levels of scheduling ease and control via computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

With the Calendar Sync feature, you and your employees may now keep an eye on shifts, schedules, and PTO via their personal calendar. And it’s much easier than trying to read the handwriting on the old kitchen calendar.

When it comes to scheduling and calendaring, workers want things to be as simple as possible. Is your company using a time & attendance solution that helps everyone succeed? Find out how stratustime helps give employees new ways to track, manage, and get the most out of their time. We’ll put stratustime on the clock for you.

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