Hosting Matters When You’re Choosing Cloud-Based Time & Attendance Software

When it comes to day-to-day business needs, a company’s cloud-based time & attendance software should be reliable, flexible, and easy to use. This tends to be the criteria by which industry websites such as and break down the pros and cons of different time & attendance solutions. It also reflects the kind of feedback that customers provide on such sites as they weigh in on features and functionality.

What goes on behind the features and functionality might matter even more.  

Imagine your time & attendance software stops working because a server farm that’s located six states away goes offline? It could be that severe weather has knocked an entire data center out. Or it could be something as small as a faulty sprinkler that creates havoc for your software.

Think of the potential ripples this can send through your business:

  • Do you want to tell your employees that their paychecks will be late this period?
  • If your employees can’t check their schedules, swap shifts, or even clock in accurately for a couple of days, will this affect morale?
  • Can this spill over into recruitment? What if a potential hire hears that your company pays late, and scheduling can be a nightmare sometimes?



With so many cloud-based time & attendance solutions out there touting similar features, have you ever wondered about what’s happening on the other side of the cloud, where hosting takes place?

  • For many cloud-based time & attendance platforms, operating out of a single data center is the norm.
  • When these data centers go down, the software provider needs to bring new data center online using backups.
  • This can take companies anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Can you and your business afford this kind of downtime?

Hosting has changed quite a bit since 1996, when we launched the first rendering of stratustime. Today, with so many out-of-the-box solutions offering similar features and functionality, hosting matters more than ever. Read our latest report, “What’s Really Different About stratustime” for a deeper look into how we’re raising the bar where hosting in our industry is concerned.

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The reason behind stratustime’s penchant for redundant hosting and live backups comes from a core belief: providing more protection shouldn’t be an add-on feature, but a standard way of doing business.

Therefore, we put a little more emphasis on it than many other time & attendance software providers.

  • Why host in one data center when you can host in two. We maintain a primary data center in the Southeastern US., and a “hot backup” in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Every database account we maintain on the East Coast is duplicated on a live basis.
  • With two data centers working at once, we can migrate data across the country in minutes.

Why are we doubling down on protection with duplicate, redundant servers and databases? Because two of the things that matter most to us are protecting your data, and ensuring your up-time.

In addition, we’re constantly monitoring.

  • Our network operations center is live 24/7.
  • Teams of programmers are on stand-by to answer questions, and issue critical warnings when necessary.
  • We’re able to escalate a situation from “nuisance” to “red alert” within 90 seconds.

Ideally, your time & attendance software brings you and your employees the features and functionality you need to set schedules, monitor time, and complete payroll with ease. But if you’re exploring time & attendance software for the first time, or considering a switch, ask about their operational service and uptime, then quiz them about their hosting:

  • Are they using multiple data centers?
  • Where are the data centers located?
  • What steps do they take to ensure the integrity of your data during an emergency?
  • Are they running live updates?
  • How long will it take them to come back online if they go dark?

Before you enter into a contract, or switch to a new service, be sure that the things that go one behind the scenes will help you minimize headaches and hassles, even when things go down.

At stratustime, we’re more than a little particular about how we host, and even where we host. That’s just part of our goal to do everything we can to make sure your time & attendance software works how and when you need it. Contact us to learn more.

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