How a Retail Store Uses Cloud Based Time and Attendance Software

A retail store is all about consumer demand. If you don’t have what the customer wants, they move on to the next store. Ironically, the same is true for retail employees. Unless they are highly specialized in some niche sector, the skills of a customer service associate are easily transferable among retail environments. With a cloud based time and attendance software, retailers enhance company spirit and employee engagement. Here’s how:

When you implement a cloud based time and attendance software at your stores, employees are empowered beyond the limitations of a paper timesheet –– such as:

Secure clock in under 2 seconds at the employee time clock.
“Enter ID, Clock In/Out.” That’s it. And with customization features, it can even be as easy as swiping your badge or touching the biometric fingerprint reader. This helps your employees get on the sales floor as fast as possible and with peace of mind knowing that they’ve started the day’s pay.

Check the Employee Dashboard.
From the Web Kiosk in the break room, employees have full access to complete information about their own time and attendance.

For example, schedules are very dynamic in retail environments. There are full-time employees with regular shifts and part-time employees with floating shifts. When someone calls in sick, another employee has to cover. So it is really critical that employees have complete access to schedule updates in real time. Also, complete visibility into the schedule helps them manage time off requests, as they can see when other employees have requested time off too.

Another key point to make is overtime pay. If an employee worked over their 40 hours, they will be able to see the breakdown of pay rates on their timesheets.

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