Improve Business Profit: Plug Gaps in Time and Attendance

“Make more money” tops the corporate agenda this year. But if employees are still clocking in with paper-based timesheets, “stop losing money” should be your first goal.

An advanced time and attendance system lets employees punch in/out right down to the second of their time.

With such high-quality data, managers can create customized reports to analyze employee time individually or in groups.

For example, you can create reports by crew, department, group, facility, location, wing, store, zone, team, and even by position.

With a cloud-based time and attendance system, your employees clock in/out using the mobile interface, the time clock, the web kiosk, or the telephone.

With this streaming time data, you can track and analyze where your employees spend the most time working and when the most hours are logged.

These reports integrate into HR systems making a streamlined process for benefits, training, and/or safety compliance.

Profitability lies in the margin of employee time. If you can lower costs while still retaining quality products and services, you are better positioned to reach your goal of improving the bottom line.

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