Keep Employees Busy with Time and Attendance Scheduling

In August, employees are planning for, are on, or just coming back from vacation. No matter which it is, they are in “vacation” mode and may need a little productivity boost. With cloud-based time and attendance software, you have access to deep labor analytics to improve workforce management.

Analyzing time and attendance records from previous summers can be your first step to boosting productivity. How many employees did you have scheduled last August? How many hours were actually worked? You can create easy-to-read pie charts and bar graphs with historical data from any period you choose. This type of analysis can help ensure you have the right amount of staff scheduled for this summer.

Next, you can customize filters and create your own categories of time. For example, you can break down an employee’s day by department, location, project, customer account –– using whatever filter words fit your business. On an employee’s schedule, you can direct the amount of time that should be spent in each area.

Your Manager Dashboard will help you stay on top of the labor management of multiple employees. On one screen, you can easily see who is clocked in, clocked out, or absent. You can set up alerts to notify you which employees are approaching overtime or are due for a break/meal according to union rules.

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