Avoid Time & Attendance Issues When Hiring New Employees

Many businesses and organizations recognize that employees are their lifeblood. Sometimes, attracting and keeping talent can be tricky. That’s especially true in an environment where just about every organization seems to be hiring. In fact, with 6.7 million job openings in the U.S., there are more openings than there are candidates to fill them.

When you’re adding new names to your employee roster, it’s essential to bring people up to speed on your business systems. That includes time & attendance.

Time & attendance for new employees

As new employees get acquainted with things related to your culture, processes, and workflow, you’ll need them to track time worked & attendance—just like all of your other employees. The early days of employment can be critical to help cement daily habits as it relates to time tracking.

For instance, how quickly will new hires come up to speed on things like:

  • Taking breaks
  • Swapping shifts
  • Tracking their PTO hours

Where will they find answers?

Does your employee handbook spell these answers out? Do you help new hires sort through these questions as part of the new hire orientation?

When new hires don’t know the answers, it can cost you down the road.

If a new hire is left to find answers on their own, this can create issues such as time theft. This is especially true if your employee handbook or onboarding experience doesn’t do a good job of explaining company expectations.

Your cloud-based, time & attendance solution can help new hires get acquainted with the workplace.

We’ll explore three questions to ask when it comes to helping new hires jump into work seamlessly—and helping you keep track of time & attendance issues for your entire team.


Your training process can help bring new and seasonal workers up-to-speed on your business systems, including your time & attendance software. The better they know the system, the less likely they are to make errors when tracking their time worked that could result in time theft. Take our interactive Time Theft Test quiz to brush up on your knowledge of time theft, explore industry data, and more.

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Managing time & attendance

Most new hires want to jump in and contribute right away. Depending on your workflow, you might need them to do just that. If so, then you definitely don’t want your processes to slow them down.

It’s natural for new hires to have questions related to tracking their time worked.

To help them answer their questions, there are a number of questions you’ll want to know the answers to yourself. For instance:

  • What’s the learning curve on our time & attendance software?
  • Can employees clock-in or clock-out from anywhere if they need to?
  • Is the dashboard easy to use, no matter how tech challenged an employee is?
  • Can employees check their PTO balance, and ask for time off through the system?

Here are three more questions to consider when it comes to onboarding new hires, and managing the time & attendance needs for all employees: 

1. Does your time & attendance solution make it easy for new hires to jump into work, without getting lost in processes?

Ideally, you want all of your employees to have an easy time punching in and out, tracking their breaks, and logging their PTO. To accommodate this, most time & attendance solutions include an easy-to-use employee portal, through which employees can:

  • access ‘time cards’;
  • see their schedules;
  • swap shifts; and
  • move seamlessly through project time codes

What’s more, a cloud-based solution can allow them to accomplish these tasks via multiple devices, including a dedicated time clock, a central kiosk or POS system, or even their own mobile device.

2. Does your time & attendance solution make it easy for you to keep an eye on time & attendance across your department?

This is a must-have for many managers, especially when you want to simplify the way you track things like PTO accruals.

  • No matter where your employees’ workspace is, your cloud-based time & attendance software can be configured to alert you if they haven’t logged in by their scheduled start time, or aren’t logging their time correctly between projects.
  • In addition, a geofencing feature allows you to authorize time punching from specific offsite locations—and to disallow it from others.

3. Does your employee roster include non-exempt workers?

If so, then according to the Fair Labor Standards Act, you need to retain payroll records for these employees including a record of time worked for at least three years. State laws may have longer retention times. Most time & attendance solutions, including stratustime, will store this information.

With this data available, you can generate the reports you need when you need them.

When hiring, you want your systems to help everyone succeed. Don’t lose time worrying about whether your new employees are up to speed on tracking their time worked, or following basic processes. Rely on a flexible time & attendance system that’s easy to use, and helps simplify scheduling and time tracking.

Workers and job seekers have a lot of options right now. Is your company using a time & attendance solution that is designed to help everyone succeed? Find out how stratustime gives employees new ways to track, manage, and get the most out of their time. We’ll put stratustime on the clock for you.

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