Offline Time Clock Punching for Remote Workers: Using a Kiosk App

When you have workers at remote locations, this can create unique challenges when you need them to be able to clock in or out from the field. This is especially common in the construction or labor industries, where groups of workers show up at different job sites every day, hopefully on time.

Offline Time Clock Punching at Remote Job Sites

Companies try different things to track time at remote job sites:

Some log hours on pen and paper. In other cases, a manager or foreman will enter hours into a spreadsheet. And some companies invest in bulky hardware that is difficult to lug around, and can include high monthly fees.

Companies Are Moving Toward a Kiosk Solution to Handle Offline Time Clock Punching

With advances in technology, more and more companies are moving toward a kiosk solution to solve their offline time clock punching needs. But what is a time & attendance kiosk?

In the world of cloud-based time & attendance, a kiosk is an application that companies download and use as a single point-of-entry system.

  • You can use a kiosk app on any type of device, including iPads, mobile tablets, and cell phones.
  • This can be particularly handy for businesses where employees might not regularly use their mobile devices to access time & attendance software.
  • This also makes it easier for employees and contractors to clock in/out accurately no matter where they are, as long as they’re using the kiosk.

But how do you know if a kiosk solution is right for you? And how can you sync up a kiosk system with the needs of your remote workforce?

With a user-friendly interface, mobile functionality, remote timecard punching for iOS and more, stratustime helps make things easy and consistent for employees and system administrators. Read our report, “What’s Really Different About stratustime,” and discover other ways that stratustime works behind the scenes for you and your company.

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Is a Kiosk Solution the Right Answer for your Remote Time Clock Punching Needs?

Let’s say you have a team of six workers at a construction site, plus a foreman. Three of your workers will be working on the roof, while the other three will be hanging drywall on the first floor.

Your foreman can download the kiosk app to a company iPad before arriving to the jobsite. He or she will want to do this if the site lacks a wireless connection. Then, when workers show up, they can check with the foreman, and clock in on the iPad before they get to work.

Your foreman can program the kiosk app to recognize each worker’s job duties—in this case, roofing or interior construction. It will track their time according to their job designation, which will help keep track of itemized project budgets.

When you consider whether or not a kiosk app can help solve your offline time tracking needs, here are three key benefits to keep in mind.

1. You don’t need to be online to use the kiosk app’s remote timeclock

 Stationary kiosks typically need a network connection to register punches. But job sites in rural areas, or at many construction sites, can’t always rely on web or data services.

  • Best-in-class kiosk applications let employees clock in and out even when they’re offline.
  • The app registers a punch using the system’s native time functionality, then transmits attendance data when it’s back online.

2. Advanced options create new levels of management ease

As a manager, you can clock a group of employees in and out one at a time, or all at once.

  • Self-service options let employees punch themselves in using a PIN number.
  • Certain features allow employees to punch in and out using optical or fingerprint recognition.

3. You can track time against multiple jobs, clients, or functions  

Well-built kiosk applications can help with the way you schedule and job cost, while administrative features allow you to set alert reminders for breaks, handle sick time, and track PTO.

  • When your employees enter their availability, you can select which employees you want for a particular job or shift.
  • Using the app, you can match employees with equipment and different pay scales.
  • As in our earlier case above, you can program the app to align with specific line item budgets. So, when it’s time for painters to clock in and paint the interior walls, the app will track their hours against the interior painting budget.
  • When you program your alerts, you can set them to go off if an employee is getting close to kicking into overtime, or if a work group is potentially going over your intended labor budget.

When multiple crews are working remotely at different sites, it’s essential to keep an eye on their time & attendance, especially when you’re also managing the bottom line. A kiosk app goes with you, no matter where the job is.

The stratustime kiosk app allows employees to clock-in or clock-out from mobile devices, whether or not your device is connected to the Internet. Download the stratustime kiosk app from the Apple Store, and contact our experts for configuration and pricing options.

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