Your Outdated Time & Attendance System May Be Costing You Money

Buddy punching, inaccurate time records, and non-work-related activities are three examples of how productivity levels can be affected within the workplace.

Often times, business owners look for solutions to build and grow their company from outside resources instead of reviewing internal processes to improve it. Avoid the shiny new object syndrome by assessing your internal processes to see what can be updated and/or improved upon within the business.

You may be able to cut costs and improve productivity levels in these three areas:

Time theft

On average, 54 minutes are stolen every workday by one of your employees. Eliminating manual time entry processes can help prevent your employees from making errors, whether they’re intentional or not.

Human Error

According to the Harvard Business Review, employees’ inability to correctly fill out time sheets costs billions a day. It’s hard for humans to compete with machines, especially when it comes to adding, subtracting and calculating hours written on timesheets. Reduce your employees’ opportunities to make errors by implementing a system that can automatically do it for them. This in turn can save you money and prevent fraudulent activity from occurring.

Wasted Resources

Project tracking can improve employee productivity levels and give you better insight as to what tasks are being worked on at any given point throughout the day. Over time, you can use the data to determine where you need to allocate resources so employees aren’t managing more than one person’s workload.


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