The Risks of Using Paper Time Sheets and Time Cards

Risk is often thought of as something that happens from the outside –– such as a natural catastrophe or economic slump. Yet risk exists within your own business. And if you still use paper time sheets and time cards with your employees, you may be exposing your payroll process to a great deal of risk.

Take employee time theft, for example. No one likes to think of employees stealing. But the fact is some people exploit gaps.

The biggest gap we see is the use of paper time sheets and paper time cards. Employees write in their own hours and a supervisor approves. Sounds buttoned up? It’s not.

Who’s to say if the employee actually clocked in at 9:05, not the 9:00 she wrote? How would a busy supervisor, in charge of numerous employees, know the difference? The answer is: The supervisor wouldn’t.

An advanced time and attendance system captures clock in/out data right down to the second. And a Manager’s Dashboard gives supervisors full visibility in real time as to who is clocked in/out.

Sure, fudging “5 minutes” on a time card may seem like child’s play. But if you add up those five minutes across days, weeks, and months… A real-time time and attendance system might just help you save thousands of dollars in lost payroll each year.

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